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What we look for in our people

Third Horizon staff come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: a shared focus and drive for achieving real business improvements for clients

Here’s how you can identify someone from Third Horizon:

Passion and Energy
Our people truly care about our clients’ business challenges and are passionate about accepting only the highest quality outcomes. They have the energy and drive to see things through to the end - always. Their passion extends to not just playing a hands-on role in building our clients' businesses, but our business too.

Pragmatism and Frankness
We don’t sit in an ivory tower. We remain securely grounded in the real world of business and concrete outcomes. We are down-to-earth and communicate in clear, concise language. We are just as comfortable dealing with a CEO or chairman as with a worker on the factory floor – and as a result, our presence and contribution is readily accepted across all levels of an organisation.

Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
Our people have a strong, innate desire to cut through the fog and turn data and information into knowledge to identify the real issues. Then they use their creativity and motivational drive to find the best solutions.

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