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Program management office, governance & change management

We understand change can be daunting and difficult – and that it needs to be managed.

We have applied our change management knowledge and experience to complex projects, managing and guiding diverse stakeholder groups with competing interests and priorities through sensitive, large-scale change programs.

Our Program Management Office (PMO) incorporates:

  • designing the components of work (breaking the project into manageable pieces)
  • determining the resourcing, schedule management and administration budgets required to complete these components, and
  • assisting with stakeholder co-ordination and communications.

Benefits tracking
When establishing a PMO, we integrate benefits tracking and budget assignment to ensure the implementation realizes the projected benefits.

Governance controls
Our governance offering establishes effective controls within an organisation, incorporating risk management, issue and dispute resolution processes, committee reporting structure and clear decision-making accountabilities.

Readiness for change
Our proven change management methodology is supported by tools to assess individual and organisational readiness for change.

When you are ready for change, we are ready to help.

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