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Merger Integration – Transaction

A successful integration can create shareholder value. A poorly identified or implemented merger can destroy it.

Third Horizon works hand in hand with clients to identify, assess, vet and match potential merger and acquisiton targets to ensure a result where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The decision not to merge or acquire is just as important. If our assessment of a potential transaction is that it’s the wrong move for your organisation, we’ll tell you that too.

There are many reasons why organisations come together. Competitors in the same market joining forces to gain scale. Government departments merging to form a super-department. An asset owner expanding a portfolio.

Regardless of the why, Third Horizon can provide the how - the insight, advice, analysis and implementation know-how to achieve a successful integration.

We cover every base in our search for synergies, cost saving opportunities and entity rationalisation – from organisational structure, service and product offerings to back office and supply chain.

We don’t just tell – we do. We roll up our sleeves to help get the job done – whether that be commercial negotiation on supplier contracts, technology integration, or implementing a new organisational structure.

Our clients benefit from the extensive expertise and best practice experience gained through successful integrations for large and complex organisations across multiple industries.

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