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Technology Services

Third Horizon technology services draw on industry best practice methodology, an end-to-end ‘life cycle’ perspective and our proven cross-industry expertise to ensure your systems support your business – and your business strategy.

We deliver technology services that can both provide what your business needs and help inform how it can change.

Third Horizon can provide – and has provided – the full spectrum of technology services to clients and systems integrators, from initial strategy development and business requirements, all the way through to wrap-around ICT implementation services and post-implementation reviews.

We bring genuine business domain expertise in numerous business areas and industries, including utilities, mining and resources, financial services, property and construction, and government.

Our over-arching value proposition focuses on:

  • Risk management – to ensure risks are minimised or mitigated around technology programs and their alignment to your business.
  • Cost containment – to ensure expenditure is managed and maximised.
  • Speed to optimise delivery timeframes – to ensure timely delivery of projects and programs to ensure capabilities are brought to bear quickly.

Third Horizon brings depth and breadth of understanding and capabilities around all key technology platforms and strong relationships with key providers to every engagement – and our vendor-neutrality means any recommendation is in your best interests, not that of a third party supplier.

We also bring our unique ability to work as a triumvirate – the client, the systems integrator (SI) and Third Horizon. We can work directly for a client who engages a systems integrator, or for a third party systems integrator who may need our technical services expertise for a client engagement.

Above the line engagements on the client side could include scoping business requirements, business process design and change requirements.

Below the line work as part of an SI’s team could include providing change training and process design services that complement their technical work by bringing additional, complementary skills, relationships or insights to a business.

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