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Readying a government business for stiff competition

Find out how Third Horizon’s strategy helped a government-owned corporation transform in the face of significant threats from new competition and changing technology...

Change or fail. That was the choice confronting a Government Business Enterprise faced with increased competition and challenges on multiple fronts – all under the intense gaze of increased public scrutiny of its operations.

The newly-appointed CEO had 3,500 employees and operations in Australia and internationally in an industry undergoing fundamental structural change. A number of its key service offerings were being opened to local and international competition, and technology developments threatened to significantly impact the services it offered.

The organisation clearly lacked the attributes needed to succeed in an evolving, newly competitive market. Despite numerous reviews, there was no agreement on how to proceed with the organisational transformation it so desperately needed.

It needed a strategy – and help from Third Horizon.

Our Role
The CEO engaged Third Horizon to undertake an assessment to identify, assess and prioritise the major issues the organisation needed to address in order to prepare itself for local and international competition.

Rather than perform yet another review, we worked in partnership with a select team of senior management to synthesize existing information and provide an action-focused plan.

The team assessed the existing organizational structure – and recommended changes to better align it with industry issues and market conditions. We identified issues inhibiting the organisation’s effectiveness. And we developed a coherent action plan to transition the organisation and realise opportunties for improvement.

The strategy gave the client the foundations – structure and programs - it needed to survive and thrive in its new competitive environment.

The new organizational structure eliminated existing impediments. It included:

  • streamlining operations groups to focus on core operations activities;
  • proactive management of key stakeholders, customers and the external environment;
  • clear delineation between the accountability for commercial business development and core operations;
  • integration of disparate strategy development functions to align the organisations strategic direction; and
  • greater governance, consistency and efficiency in delivery of finance and human resource services to the business units.

The team also identified six major process- and people-related improvement programs to align the organisation to the new structure and deliver a more effective and efficient operation.

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