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Property & Construction

Players in the property and construction industry not only have to manage complex and costly projects – they need to manage the complex and potentially even more costly risk around those projects.

The requirement to manage complex risk has never been greater, particularly with the rise of integrated property companies that bring the investment, development and construction management of large projects under one corporate umbrella. The more areas you play in, the greater the risk.

A trend to ‘de-risking’ is clear, with property and construction players seeking innovative ways to finance projects and asset ownership following a host of public and private sector failures.

Smart players are re-evaluating delivery methods – alliance versus contracting – and construction companies (who have been traditionally poor at leveraging their procurement spend) are recognising that long-term procurement-focussed strategies are critical to success and profitability.

Ongoing demand for infrastructure, driven by mining, resources and government sector demand, continues to fuel construction sector growth. While Australia’s population is growing fast, housing supply (particularly affordable stock) is not, and growth corridors in and around capital cities remain hotbeds for further development.

Government focus is on centrally-driven infrastructure projects and greater consistency of approach to infrastructure and ongoing management of assets such as roads.

The drive to reduce energy consumption is fuelling a push to ‘smart buildings’ – where digital, wireless, robotics and other technologies are integrated into building planning, design and construction, from residential and commercial to public facilities including hospitals.

Third Horizon has helped clients successfully manage large scale and ground-breaking projects, from an $80bn building in the United Arab Emirates to a digital hospital in Australia. Our extensive industry experience gives us the insights and expertise to help client manage their complex projects – and accompanying risk – from procurement, growth and market entry strategies to commercial due diligence on acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures.

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