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Pilot program a 'super' approach in search for CRM solution

Read how Third Horizon helped guide a group of superannuation providers on their collaborative journey to investigate a range of CRM solutions.

Several superannuation companies wished to find alternative service models to support their market offerings and extend customer service capabilities. Our client organisations saw merit in collaborating in a common approach to go to the market to evaluate and select new CRM solution.

Our Role
Third Horizon was engaged to assist the consortia through CRM selection process, with key phases of the work including:

  • High level business requirements gathering was performed across different functional areas in all organisations
  • A collaborative Request For Proposal (RFP) process was undertaken to select the CRM solution to facilitate servicing and support of members
  • A data quality assessment was conducted to identify the best approach to improve the overall data structure and quality
  • Four CRM options were analysed and a preliminary cost benefit analysis for each option was developed
  • Papers were prepared for the Board of each company

The recommended option is to implement an 'interim solution' that allows the organisations to effectively pilot some CRM functionalities while developing an understanding of their future needs.

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