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Paving the way for global knowledge sharing and staff satisfaction

See how a Third Horizon transformation helped a rapidly growing international property business address global knowledge management, staff retention and succession planning issues...

Our property industry client was experiencing unprecedented growth. Driven by Middle-East economic activity, staff numbers had doubled to 120,000 in just 18 months, and quadrupled in less than 10 years.

This rapid growth was coming at a cost: the company’s ‘preferred contractor’ rating slipped as the rise in staff number diluted the company’s experience. Staff turnover rates was becoming an issue, and aging project managers were posing succession planning issues.

The client engaged Third Horizon to find the best way to distribute expertise across a portfolio of global projects, and to better connect new staff to existing social networks.

Our Role
We worked with our client to define its knowledge management (KM) vision. We then contrasted the vision with an assessment of its existing KM maturity within a framework incorporating content, process, leadership, culture, technology and measurement.

We created a KM toolkit tailor-made to drive the client’s KM towards its vision and developed the business case for its implementation.

To facilitate sharing of expertise across the globe, we created a methodology for developing 'Communities of Practice'.

The process established a compelling case for the business impacts of improving knowledge management, along with the identification of a number of quick wins and a comprehensive implementation plan for improving our client’s KM capability. A number of pilot Communities of Practice were established.

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