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New operating model drives service, secures key clients

Find out how Third Horizon helped a financial services organization respond to client demands for greater clarity in service delivery by creating a new operating model...

A financial services back office administrator was confronted with increasing demands from a client base that wanted to better understand its future operational direction.

For many years, line manager initiatives had not been addressed, structured, prioritised or communicated - and that was creating confusion among clients.

Senior management sought Third Horizon’s help to develop and implement an operating model to explain how it would interact with, and deliver services to, clients in the medium term.

Our Role
Working with the line managers, Third Horizon helped the business shape a vision for how each department would operate. We restructured and standardised functions and processes to create a holistic vision for the business. We did a gap analysis and developed business cases for specific initiatives. Then we defined and priorities program of work to deliver the operating vision.

The development of a clearer organizational vision contributed to the re-signing of a number of key clients.

The offshore head office approved and funded a major program of work to replace an array of incremental projects.

Third horizon subsequently helped guide the program and undertake a number of major reengineering initiatives.

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