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Media & Telecommunications

When it comes to media and telecommunications industries, the line between infrastructure, technology, and content creation and delivery platforms has never been blurrier.

The telcos are no longer simply network providers – they’re creating and delivering content. The media organisations are not just content providers – they’ve got delivery platforms. And the customer is no longer just the recipient of news and entertainment – they’re adding and shaping content as active participants in the new media landscape. These new media platforms - online, mobile and social networks – are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, do business and socialise. It means businesses have to change too.

For telcos, growth in mobile data, devices and applications, wireless broadband and IP technologies are changing calling behaviours and accelerating the move from fixed to wireless communication. It’s also allowing the telcos to build new businesses through offering broader entertainment and news and value-adding subscription services.

Traditional media and advertisers need to reinvent their offerings to survive the rise of online delivery, niche audiences and pressures to remain relevant. Old media outlets face a double whammy – erosion of traditional revenue streams from declining advertising spends, audiences and circulation, while needing to invest heavily in new technologies and delivery models to find new audiences online, and new ways to generate revenue from content that is widely available for free. For advertisers, it means implementing new customer segmentation strategies as fragmentation makes mass consumer audiences harder to reach.

While the technology is cutting edge, back office, customer information management and front line customer service has not evolved at the same pace, leaving some industry players struggling with problems spanning billing, customer service, retention costs and churn rates.

Third Horizon has the industry know-how and experience to help organisations transform not just their technology, but their entire organisations, to realise the business benefits offered by new media and telecommunications.

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