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Infrastructure & Energy

Business doesn’t get much bigger than infrastructure and energy. Neither does the list of challenges these industry players face: Climate change. Emissions regulations. Rationalisation. Globalisation. Deregulation. Massive competition. Outsourcing.

Increased rationalisation means the large players are getting larger and competition more intense in these asset- and energy-intensive industries and the services industries that support them, including, engineering services, construction, utilities and maintenance.

Asset owners are increasingly relying on outsourcing strategies for full service delivery and maintenance. There is a growing need for sophisticated asset management to optimise the life of critical infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and protect revenue and margins in an increasingly competitive global arena.

With energy production and generation requiring a massive capital investment, both in new technologies and in securing future energy supplies, there’s little room for error in strategy or execution.

Third Horizon has worked in collaboration with global infrastructure, utilities and energy clients to successfully re-position their businesses for this new era through a range of projects, including the design and implementation of merger integration and asset management transformation programs.

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