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Industrial & Consumer Goods

Navigating the rapidly changing and challenging industrial and consumer goods landscape can be a minefield – or a gold mine.

How do you ensure your business is positioned for success in an industry characterised by ongoing rationalisation, consolidation, merger and acquisition activity, commodity cost pressures, cost management issues and increasingly powerful retailers?

The expansion of category killing superstores, growth in stores’ private labels and the arrival of new entrants from overseas challenging the big Australian players is redefining retail.

Then there’s changing consumer behaviours, with frugal habits adopted during the financial crisis impacting shopping preferences and redefining the concept of ‘value’. Customer information is becoming an extremely powerful tool for marketing and advertising among retailers aiming to increase their share of the nation’s wallet.

Third Horizon can help industrial and consumer goods marketers plot a course through this new retail landscape. From procurement, cost reduction and supply chain strategies, to portfolio optimisation, marketing and sales, service structures and channel optimisation, we work "hand-in-hand" with clients across the entire spectrum to deliver results that help win at the shelf. Third Horizon clients also benefit from on the ground knowledge and support in sourcing of products from China through our dedicated office in Hong Kong.

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