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Improving performance levels delivers better service, greater savings

When Third Horizon helped a leading service provider raise service assurance performance levels, it not only bridged the gap between customer expectations and service delivery – it delivered the client multi-million dollar savings to boot.

A newly integrated Business/Wholesale Service Assurance division within a major telecommunications service provider was performing under its desired process performance level, with 'first call resolution' the biggest issue.

Third Horizon was engaged to conduct a high level review covering all provisioning teams and processes to minimise the customer expectations 'gap' and improve process metrics.

Our Role
We reviewed Service Assurance core process performance metric to identify the major gaps in the level of performance, and identified a set of initiatives, which enabled simultaneous improvements in cost and time. These included:

  • Organisational simplification – separate complex and simple transactions by centralising reduction in costs through simplification of the service environment
  • Improvement in the front line capability – create and implement standard process to improve issues resolutions
  • Improvement in the operational productivity - active management workforce planning, allocation and monitoring and robust demand forecasting, planning and scheduling
  • Standardisation and automation of common interactions – reduction in human effort in outbound communication (i.e. create an 'online' standardised fault logging and updating capability).

The client adopted the set of initiatives with a view to moving to the proposed operating model, which resulted in the cost savings of $3.6 million per annum (22% base OPEX), while improving key customer outcomes.

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