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Implementation roadmap puts media client on the path to success

Read how Third Horizon help a media company maintain its business advantage in the face of increased competition with the implementation of a new operating vision that delivered centralised frameworks and capabilities across multiple business units.

This highly successful media company with multiple business units in Australia, each with an independently operated customer facing sales and relationship management functions, faced increased competitive pressure from its traditional competitors and emerging products in the industry.

It needed to transform the way it managed advertising customers to maximise revenue potential and maintain its competitive position.

Our Role
Working with senior management, Third Horizon conducted an assessment across the business units to identify market and customer synergies. This included comparing customer profiles, reviewing opportunities to enhance cross-media advertising and options to restructure sales and customer management activities.

We developed a new operating vision for the sales organisation that included:

  • A common sales framework to be used by different business units
  • A central capability to drive analytical and sales strategy across the teams
  • A central administrative team to allow increased sales time with key customers
  • Customer value targets to focus sales and customer management activity, and
  • An implementation roadmap and communication package for executive management.

Third Horizon supported the individual business units to implement the vision by initiating customer segmentation exercises and introducing shared selling processes supported by technology improvements.

The company has now mobilised program and technology resources and is implementing the roadmap.

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