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Third Horizon is a trusted partner to Federal and State government departments and government-owned enterprises throughout Australia.

Government confidence in our ability to deliver meaningful results is reflected in the large-scale transformation assignments we have been entrusted with, such as reviewing the individual roles of 25,000 people in a 120,000-strong organisation that is critical to the nation’s operations.

From privatisation of major assets, rationalisation and streamlining of departments, (including front-line services delivery, shared services and outsourcing), to the rollout of new technology and infrastructure to reduce costs and eliminate back office duplication, governments are managing some of the country’s largest and most complex businesses.

In addition, there’s the expanded role of socially conscious government balancing environmental, social and economic challenges. This includes responding to climate change, energy and water management issues, intervention in response to the global financial crisis, rolling out a national broadband network, and managing the health needs and financial costs of a rapidly aging population.

Third Horizon has a proven track record working in close collaboration with government at all levels to develop and implement practical and successful transformation strategies in response to the unprecedented challenges they are facing on multiple fronts.

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