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Digital health services delivery a prescription for success

Learn how Third Horizon helped a government client revolutionise health services delivery with a technology-led transformation that overcame financial and human resources constraints to address a massive increase in the demand for services.

Our client was facing a significant challenge in meeting rapidly increasing demand for health services in an environment of constrained financial and human resources.

The ageing population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, new diagnosis and treatment technologies, and rising consumer expectations were driving an increase in demand, while a shortage of clinical skills was limiting the ability to increase service capacity.

A major transformation program was initiated to increase service capacity to meet the increase in demand, with a focus on changing the approach to delivering health services.

New technology was a critical component of the transformation program, providing new levels of access, improved efficiency and greater reliability.

Our Role
Third Horizon led a consortium in developing a 10-year technology strategy to support the transformation program and the creation of a Digital Health Enterprise.

Third Horizon personnel led the development of the strategy, coordinating the input of subject matter experts across a range of technology areas including medical devices, medical and corporate systems, buildings and logistics management, communication and collaboration, identity and access management, medical grade networks and data centres.

An implementation roadmap was developed with a prioritised set of projects across all technology areas focussed on delivering new levels of access, improved efficiency and greater reliability.

A technology strategy was delivered that would deliver an integrated Digital Health Enterprise across the entire government jurisdiction, and connectivity beyond the boundaries of the enterprise.

Third Horizon was asked to assist in establishing the program and preparing for the implementation of the program.

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