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Why work at Third Horizon?

When you work for Third Horizon, you become part of a team that makes a difference to leading Australian and international organisations. You help change organisations with practical solutions to their most challenging business problems. You play a part in delivering sustainable bottom-line results. You make a difference.

Throughout your career you are challenged. You work across diverse industries, clients and business issues. You join collaborative teams of talented and experienced professionals where every contribution is valued.

We foster innovation and creativity. We welcome challenges to current thinking. We continually look to grow and improve our dynamic pool of knowledge and skills.

We provide the resources, training, support, mentoring and flexibility you need to be successful – because when you are successful, so are we.

Our business is growing because we have an entrepreneurial spirit - and the freedom to challenge and explore without being bogged down by the political complexities of larger firms.

To be your best at work, you need to be able to fulfill your personal dreams and ambitions. That’s why we make it a priority to help everyone achieve the work-life balance that is right for them. It’s all part of the Third Horizon difference.

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