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Asset management system eliminates multiple business issues

Find out how Third Horizon helped a major government department overcome structural, funding and resource issues with a new asset management system...

A large government department had been running a program to deploy a single asset management system for 10 years. The problem? The program posed significant structural, funding and resourcing challenges.

The client asked Third Horizon to evaluate available options, compare the relative merits of each and recommend a definitive way forward.

Our Role
Third Horizon response included rigorous system assessment and selection, and development of models for asset management, technology support and implementation.

Our approach included reviewing and consolidating all previous reports associated with asset management structures, system selection and implementation planning, and interviewing key stakeholders and business users.

We clarified business requirements for asset management system selection and evaluated proposed systems against defined criteria. We identified and clarified issues within the existing system against business requirements, and we evaluated the asset management structure against best practice to recommend improvements to structure and responsibilities.

Third Horizon identified two potential paths for the implementation of asset management system options, with one identified as the most feasible.

The Executive Steering Committee agreed to the key recommendations on system, structure, and implementation, allowing the department to achieve its goal of moving forward and eliminating the challenges of its antiquated system.

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