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Air services transformation takes flight with Third Horizon

Read how a Third Horizon restructure gave an air services provider a clear strategic direction and made the sky the limit for new opportunities and efficiencies...

The new Board and CEO or a large air navigation service provider delivering airside services to the aviation industry identified the need for change and decided on a comprehensive organization re-design and transformation program.

Our Role
The client engaged Third Horizon to design the entire new organization structure from the executive team down. We were to identify and scope the major improvement programs required to transform the business, and assist in managing the change program. Our role encompassed:

  • assessment and design of structures, role statements and business unit interdependencies for the entire business, spanning over 2000 employees.
  • scoping several major improvement programs designed to extract business efficiencies, transform the culture of the business and enable more effective end-to-end business processes. (These programs covered such areas as procurement, asset management, leadership & culture, cost reduction, stakeholder management and commercial business development.)
  • facilitating the program management office that presided over the design and implementation of the overall change program.

The restructure and reform program gave the business a clear strategic direction, including a more focused strategy for pursuing non-regulated commercial business opportunities.
Significant business improvements included:

  • targeted reduction of $40m year-on-year operating cost savings
  • more effective management of significant business-owned infrastructure assets
  • streamlined corporate support functions and strengthened corporate governance.
  • clearer accountabilities for performance outcomes across, and interfaces between, business units.
  • injection of a more commercial and team-oriented culture.
  • more effective management of external stakeholders and the regulatory environment.
  • greater IT effectiveness through SAP sourcing strategy and implementation plan.

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