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Signature Strengths

“People who use their strengths are happier, more confident, have higher levels of self-esteem, experience less stress and are more resilient.”

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Hot Topic: Signature Strengths – Soaring with Resilience

During a recent discussion, an executive at an accounting professional services organisation confided in me that he was surprised to find that when junior professional staff were asked to list their strengths and weaknesses, they were universally able to identify a string of weaknesses, but struggled to reveal even one strength.

From my experience, this problem is not an isolated incident.  A dominant ‘unsaid’ feature of most organisational cultures is ‘find what you’re not good at and focus on closing the gap’.


Measuring Trust

"Ensure that each leader has a dashboard of key metrics for his/her team, to gauge how they are travelling in the change journey" 

measuring trust

Hot Topic:  Measuring Trust – it can be done.  

More than ever, executives are interested in not only how they can effectively lead change, but also how they know that change is on track to achieve the goals.  Fuzzy change leadership is no longer an option with the present rate and scale of organisational change.  In my last post, I wrote about the importance of trust when it comes to achieving change. It’s also important to track and measure change and trust.


Managing Change - Executing Strategy

A review of contemporary practices in large organisations

Executing strategy is about implementing change, but it is regularly reported that change and strategy execution fail to deliver.

This is the situation despite the fact that causes for ineffective change have been well-researched and documented as have principles and guidelines for effectively managing change.  It begs the question, if we know so much about managing change, why aren't organisations doing a better job?


HKABA NSW Chapter Business Awards 2011

Third Horizon wins the award for Export of Goods/Services and the Grand Prize award in the Hong Kong Australia Business Association, NSW Chapter Business Awards 2011. 


Hong Kong CIO Event

Our Hong Kong Office recently hosted an event inviting Chief Information Officers from leading companies to meet our Third Horizon personnel and discuss opportunities.


Third Horizon in the News


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