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Resilient Change - Follow the 'dance'

'Effective leaders must work to understand the values and opinions of their followers-rather than assuming absolute authority.'

Follow the_dance

Let's take a fresh look at making change effective. Most change management methods and texts give focus to the leaders and sponsors of change. In addition, there is reference to communication and involvement plans. But little focus is given to leveraging the significant influence of key followers of change. People are seen as targets rather than followers. There is a crucial difference. The latter has influence and a special connection with the leader.

Resilient Change - Follow the 'dance'

Making 'Contestability' Work in the Public Sector

Making government services contestable presents a number of strategic challenges for the public sector. It represents a significant change to the way government currently operates and will have far reaching impacts on each department's focus, operations, capabilities and culture. The challenges range from understanding what contestability means through to successfully implementing it.

One thing is certain – contestability is here and the public sector will need to proactively embrace it.

Making Contestability Work in the Public Sector

Third Horizon announces new senior appointments

Third Horizon is delighted to announce twelve new senior appointments effective 1 July – three directors, two associate directors, six senior managers and one manager – the majority through internal promotions.  Managing Director Neville Bagot said the appointments reflect the firm's strong commitment to delivering exceptional results for its clients across Australia and internationally.

“This number of internal promotions represents the strength of our talented senior consultants and the strong pipeline of future leaders coming through the firm,” he said.


Trust in Change Management

"For trust to exist, leaders need to be seen as credible in terms of their espoused values and behaviours... Trust empowers speed of change."


Trust is separate but integral to organisational change. It is a bit like the elastic holding up Grandpa's pyjama bottoms. It can't be seen, but we would certainly know if it failed - the pyjamas would end up around Grandpa's knees. This is the experience common to many organisations' change programs. Part-way successful and part-way exposed!



BlueNotes is an ANZ news and opinion publication.

This link below takes you to the blog co-authored by Schalk Kock and Richard McManus on ‘Making account switching easy makes sense’.

Schalk and Richard discuss the dramatic increase in automated switching by customers in the UK and how that issue is likely to put greater pressure on Australian banks to offer its customers better products and services.

Feel free to share the link on your LinkedIn page. https://bluenotes.anz.com/posts/2014/05/making-account-switching-easy-makes-sense/

Think like Plasticine

Change is a choice. You ultimately choose what you do and think. Choose to change your thinking to be more effective, and see the difference that it makes to your energy and happiness.”


Hot Topic: Think like plasticine

This hot topic revolves around thinking and PETS – I am not talking about my gorgeous brown Labradoodle (known as ‘Fudge’), but I am looking at the power of the mind and the power of Performance Enhancing Thoughts.


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